2020 Gala Fundraiser

The Gala can’t happen this year, but with your help we can still Restore the Music.

There’s no better way to understand how important your donations are, than seeing children use the instruments you’ve paid for.

Funding music in schools is vital, but so is giving students a platform to perform.

Our Gala fundraiser can’t happen right now, for obvious reasons – but our mission is very much alive. We’re breaking down the barriers to music education for all young people.

Last year your donations from the Gala allowed us to fund 15 schools. This year, even more schools need our help and we can’t do it without you.

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Music matters.

Music unlocks potential. It can be fun, but kids are also learning how to read music, improve comprehension and boost focus.

There’s maths, hand-eye coordination and social skills thrown in too. It nurtures self-confidence and expression, giving children the rounded education that prepares them for the real world.

Your money goes straight into schools.

Your donation gets almost instant results.

We find the schools who need it most, then award grants and support them to use it effectively.

We turn your money into instruments that young people can hold in their hands, and tuition to help them excel.

Your impact in London schools

This is everywhere we’ve funded so far, and with your help we can conquer London, before moving on to the rest of the UK.

Your donation has a huge, immediate impact for thousands of children, but those instruments are there for years and years of music education.

Every September, thousands more kids benefit from the instruments you help us provide.

Don’t take it from us.
these are the kids you’ll be helping.

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We have a shortfall of £150,000 without this year’s Fundraiser Gala.

We can’t do it without you.

1x Pearl drum kit

5x alto saxophones
OR 10x clarinets
OR 15x electric guitars

A class set of stringed instruments:
12x violins, 6x viola 6x cello & 1x double bass
4x pop band ‘silent’ rehearsal systems: 4x Roland Session Mixers with stands, 4x Roland Go Pianos, 4x micro-phones, 4x electronic guitars, 4x bass guitars, headphones & cables

Restore The Music UK - Student Orchestra

A full school orchestra:
12 x violins, 6x viola, 6x cello, 1x double bass, 2x flute, 2x clarinet, 2x oboe, 2x bassoon, 2x trumpet, 2x french horn, 2x trombone & 1x tuba